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Warning: All the stories listed on this page depict a non-graphic homosexual relationship between two consenting adults and are rated "R" for that reason. There are hints of and references to sword play, but no actual swashbuckling is included unless the story has an NC17 version available.  


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                                                                 How Does This Go Again Series

Inspired by the song "Gypsy" by Amanda Marshall, How Does This Go Again is a new series that starts somewhere between the end of SG1 Season Ten and the start of SGU Season One. The characters are the same (Jack is still Jack. Daniel is still Daniel, just the more self assured Season 10 version), but the SGC is a thing of the past. Never fear...despite their attempts to live like normal people they still get into plenty of trouble.(click on the series name to go to the page)

 Covert Ops Series

In keeping with Stargate tradition, Covert Ops is a spin-off from the How Does This Go Again Series. It takes place after the chapter titled Divergence and follows the boys into an entirely new reality. One where their time in the Stargate program is a thing of the past, but interactions with aliens aren't. Specifically one alien who was born harcesis, ascended to Ancient and is once again human. (click on the series name to go to the page)

 Former Self Series

Inspired in part by the song "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perry, Former Self sprang to life in response to the plot bunny: what would happen if Daniel never regained his memory after returning from being ascended? It takes place at the start of Season 7 directly after the episode Homecoming and follows the boys on a journey where Daniel has no memory of the Stargate program or the events that brought him there. Being an AU it tells a different story than any of my previous fics despite covering a similar period of time so don't expect this to hook into the other series anywhere. Consider this my SGU! But if you liked How Does This Go Again you're going to love Former Self. No pesky aliens. No military drama. Just the boys.
 All Jack/Daniel, all the time!
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Stand Alone Stories

Right and Wrong
This is an NC17 only story. There is no non-graphic version available.
A long weekend with Jack has Daniel shrugging off the last bits of Arrum

Prior Past
NC17 Version
Daniel’s reaction to the fact that Jack didn’t trust him as much as he’d assumed he would when he showed up as an Ori Prior.

Same Old Story
NC17 Version
An 18-hour mission to D.C. demonstrates that for all the things that have changed, at the heart of it they’re still the same. Tag for SGU:Subversion

Degrees of Separation
NC17 Version
When a lie is the truth and the truth is a lie the first casualty is trust. How does Daniel deal with Jack's Deception? Tag for Shades of Grey.

Day After Forever
Daniel tries to come to terms with reality after the dream and asks for answers Jack is not sure he has. Tag for Forever In A Day.

The Trouble with Aliens
Tag for Origin. What happened after Jack and Daniel left his office to go to lunch.

By the Dark of the Moon
The team stumbles onto an ancient South American civilization now living half a universe from Earth.  However, what starts out as a pleasant encounter takes a turn for the worst when Daniel is forced to participate in a ghastly ritual. 
WARNING:  This story contains implied violence toward children.  If the mere thought of such a thing turns your stomach I would suggest you skip this one.

Silence Is...Frankly Quite Annoying
Once again Daniel is on the wrong end of a ribbon device, but this time there are serious side effects. Tag for Chimera.

Daniel is on the mend and it looks like smooth sailing until he begins to remember something Jack had hoped to keep hidden. Tag for Evolution.

Time and Again
Daniel has shut down and Jack wants to know why.

One Girl's Toy is Another Man's Nightmare
Did the SGCs replicator infestation signal the beginning of the end for Daniel? Tag for Menace.

Bleeding Heart
All's well that ends well...or maybe not. Tag for Pretense.

Phantom Pain
Daniel is taken hostage and it's up to the team to save him. Will a familiar enemy with a new face leave him stranded?

Sometimes the only thing you can do is nothing at all. Tag for Past and Present.

Colonels and Crayons
Jack was willing to put his career on the line for a girl he hardly knew. Daniel wants to know why. Tag for Learning Curve.

Raining and Falling
Daniel's memory is starting to return. What does that mean for their relationship?

Daniel is losing his barely returned memory. Tag for Lifeboat.

Beyond Instinct
Jack's thoughts about the mission to Kheb. Tag for Maternal Instinct

Enlighten Me Trilogy
The story of how an unlikely friendship became something the boys could never really let go.

Baby, It's Cold Inside
Daniel's thoughts about Jack and the mission to save Earth. Tag for Lost City.

Working Order
Daniel's thoughts after Jack is freed from stasis. Tag for New Order.

Hammond has retired and Jack gets promoted, though his new post is not exactly good  news.
Tissue warning, people!...and I'm not kidding.

When It Counts
Sequel to Rupture. The boys are learning how to deal with living half a continent apart. Precursor to the How Does This Go Again series.
NC17 version

Lost Ones
Daniel has been rescued from the hands of his newest alien friend, but his recovery isn't quite a smooth as they'd hoped. Tag for First Ones.

In the Stars
Jack's thoughts about the fact that Daniel is once again missing and presumed dead. Tag for Threads.


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